DNA SPORT DNA OESTROGEN DNA HEALTH DNA DIET to help optimise your nutrition, exercise training and health strategies 1. Lipid metabolism insights — to advise where moderations should be made in your diet.
2. Methylation — to advise on whether you need to take extra vitamins for gene function.
3. Detoxification - to identify what you may need for effective detoxification e.g. antioxidants, cruciferous vegetables.
4. Oxidative stress — to identify where antioxidant production is low, and where specific dietary interventions should be recommended to counteract free radicals.
5. Bone health — to identify if vitamin D receptors are working optimally or where collagen is low
6. Inflammation — to identify if you are predisposed to high levels of inflammation, how your stress levels are impacting on your health, how to decrease chronic disease risk, increase performance and the ability to lose weight.
7. Insulin resistance — identifies insulin sensitivity and what foods are needed to ensure blood sugar balance.
introducing DNA testing
DNA Health (£229.00) — is an absolutely vital test to take for your health and longevity. It tests 7 essential processes:
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