the sports nutrition programme for those of you intending to be functionally fit What is Functional Sports Nutrition?
Functional Sports Nutrition is the integration of three tiers of nutritional support for athletes, as shown below.
The Top Tier: Ergogenic Aids
The programme will advise on aids to performance to give more energy during repeated bouts of intense exercise.
The Middle Tier: Performance Nutrition
The programme will provide strategies to enhance training sessions and improve muscle integrity. By consuming specific types of food and/or supplements at the right times of the day, athletes will be able to optimise their performance and improve recovery.
The Bottom Tier: Functional Medicine
Athletes will require the regulation of our body systems such as immunity, digestion, blood sugar control and adrenal health. The programme 
will ensure that athletes are functionally fit as a prelude 
to performance nutrition. Nutrition for Health; Performance Nutrition; and Supplements (Carlson, Athlete’s Performance Nutrition Programme: Bridging Science and Reality). International Society of Sports Nutrition, Las Vegas, June 2006. Functional Sports Nutrition includes each tier. ( What does stand for? ecovery
Optimal nutrition alongside proper recovery can achieve better results and recovery is fundamental to perform week in and week out. mmunity
Being well and NOT getting ill or injured. trength
How to reap and maintain anabolic rewards from training in the most efficient way. nergy
Having the get up and go to do the training, sustain energy levels and keep going when it gets tough.
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